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We provide reliable supply of reagents in accordance with the specific technological requirements of our business partners. The cooperation with several major producers allows us to ensure the availability of the required products and make them supply ready at almost any time.

The range of our customers has greatly expanded over the years of our operation on the market. Today we cooperate with power plants, heating plants and waste incineration plants. In addition to them, our services are also used by the automotive, cement, steel and other industries. Our own logistics allows us to response immediately to unexpected changes in requirements for the product supply not only in Slovakia, but also on the European market.

We have extensive experience in launching new technologies. As a proven partner of technology manufacturers we provide the supply after the additivation with their original additive.
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Hydrochloric Acid Technical Grade 31%

It is an inorganic, strongly corrosive acid.

Hydrochloric Acid is used as a precipitation and neutralizing agent, for water treatment, for cleaning and washing surfaces, for metal surface treatment (galvanizing) as well as other industrial purposes.

Nitric Acid Technical Grade 53 - 60%

It is an inorganic acid, a colourless liquid with strongly corrosive effects.

Nitric Acid is used to produce mineral fertilizers, for surface treatment of metals, production of detergents, as an oxidizing agent and for other purposes.

 It is used as a precipitating and neutralizing agent, for water treatment, for cleaning and washing surfaces.


We provide transportation in ADR tank trucks.

Sodium Hydroxide Technical Grade 49%

It is a strong base.

Sodium Hydroxide is used in all industries, e.g. in the production of paper and cellulose, for neutralization, for surface treatment, for water treatment and many other purposes.


We provide transportation in ADR tank vehicles.