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Recovering energy from waste

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Recovering energy from municipal and industrial waste

Waste is seen by us as a valuable source of energy. Practical experience ROPA has acquired over many years spent at EU countries recovering energy from different types of waste brings for you the latest, customized and meaningful technical solutions. When a design is prepared for you, ROPA takes into account your specifications and requirements, as well as your technical capabilities and economic opportunities. 

 Energy recovery solutions from ROPA include:  

  • From community waste 
  • From recyclable plastics
  • From industrial waste
  • From water and sewage sludge 

Disposal of Hospital Waste

Safe disposal of hospital waste should always be one of the main priorities to consider in waste management, and not just a concern during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is crucial here to have waste disposed where it is generated in order to eliminate any risks associated with the hauling and handling of infectious substances. ROPA’s own technological solutions for thermal treatment of hospital waste, designed to meet individual situations, are a guarantee of safe and economic disposal. 

 We offer the latest, state-of-the-art technologies for the disposal of hospital waste:  

  • Decontamination units
  • Hospital waste incinerators that recover energy

Work with Us and Reap the Benefits


Assessment of the Intention

To save your money and time, we are ready to draw up an assessment of the intention, or a feasibility study, which serves as a relevant basis for the decision on the implementation.


Personal Engagement

During the process itself, we provide you with professional technical supervision, we oversee the quality of suppliers and especially meeting the deadlines on time. We pride ourselves on having had numerous successful implementations.


Your Reliable Partner

With ROPA Group you can always count on a reliable partner. As part of our services, we write project documentation in all phases and arrange negotiations with the relevant authorities.