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The focus of our activity lies in the reduction of the industrial
emissions and management of secondary
raw materials. We operate in commercial and
technical engineering field.

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Our Story

Transparency, sustainability, and positive impact on the environment. These three factors were the main pillars of the business plan created by young people, based on which our company was born in 2011. Due to the success among the first customers and the gradually increasing experience, the company´s growth has gained more and more momentum. Over time, our activities have transformed into a substantial business activity not only in Slovakia, but also in the neighbouring regions. Today we operate in more than 10 European countries. After several years of business development, we also added an engineering and technical branch to our portfolio through our daughter company ENVIROPA. Consequently, we can provide our clients with a comprehensive range of activities in the field of environmental protection offering professional services and a human approach.


Both today's generation deserve a cleaner and healthier environment. Our aim is to become a progressive company that sees this need as a challenge, the urgency of the problem as its fuel. We believe that as leaders in the neighbouring markets, we should act responsibly, actively, and enthusiastically in the given sphere and improve the environment we live in. And in which we would like to keep living.


We combine business with environmental protection. We benefit from specific technical skills, teamwork as well as the courage to be proactive in problem solving and innovative in providing services. Our proactivity keeps convincing more and more customers that we are the right partner to achieve their long-term environmental goals.

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