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The focus of our activity lies in the reduction of the industrial
emissions and management of secondary
raw materials. We operate in commercial and
technical engineering field.

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About us

We are actively involved in protecting the air and recycling waste in Central Europe, the Benelux region, the Balkans and the Baltic States. Reduced industrial emissions are achieved through comprehensive solutions that range from the construction of technology in industrial plants to regular, stable supply of chemical commodities.

ROPA Group purchases electronic waste and colored, ferrous metals in bulk for recovery and collects, sorts and processes them at our own recycling lines. It brings stable, sustainable solutions to meet growing demands for protection of the air and collection of waste as it strives to contribute toward a greener solution for everyone.


  • Air protection: Distribution of chemical commodities. Cleaning of industrial waste.
  • Waste management: Handling of secondary raw materials, including purchase, collection, sorting, processing and logistics. 
  • Technical work and engineering: Construction of technology that efficiently reduces industrial emissions.      


ROPA Group seeks to become a leader in minimizing the environmental impact of industrial activity.


ROPA  Group is developing and taking business initiatives in protecting the environment and mitigating the environmental impact of human activity. We are proud of our positive impact on the future and sustainable development of our planet, over and above the economic significance.


INTEGRITY: We operate honestly, authentically and transparently. It strives at all levels, both individually and as a team, to maintain the highest ethical standards.

RESPONSIBILITY: We are committed to being a responsible partner and acknowledges the impact of its actions on stakeholders, including its customers, employees, colleagues, the environment and the local community.

STABILITY: We always strives for timely and complete implementation of all agreements. We operate as a stable partner for all industrial businesses. The ROPA Group’s growth is seen by us as the most important indicator of our impact on environmental stability and improvement of environmental quality.

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