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The Cleaning of Industrial Flue Gases

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Let us contribute to a better future by reducing the concentration of emissions in waste gases organically and safely.

We will help you with the proposal of solution and supply of effective technologies to reduce NOx and SO2 emissions. At the same time, we are ready to assist with optimizing the settings and maintaining of the existing technology. Our team of experienced engineers will provide consultancy on relevant legislation, prepare a study, similarly they are highly competent to implement technologies based on your individual needs.



The SNCR (selective non-catalytic reduction) and SCR (selective catalytic reduction) method answer the question how to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxide emissions in waste gases both effectively as well as ecologically. These technology concepts ensure high reliability with little maintenance.

The proposed technologies for reducing nitrogen emissions in waste gases are designed for stationary sources burning solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels. The SNCR and SCR can also be used simultaneously - in this case we provide the supply of the entire range of reagents and services, including the optimisation of operation in these facilities.



Reducing the emission concentrations of acidic components in waste gases through desulphurisation represents an advanced ecological method. This process operates on the principle of injecting dry sodium and calcium-based powder sorbents, thus allowing to minimize water consumption in industry.

Technologies, designed and supplied by us, help eliminate acidic components, especially SO2, HCL and HF. When designing, we focus on the specific process conditions that are essential for optimal efficiency in reducing acidic components in waste gases. This method is not only environmentally friendly, but above all it represents the most cost-effective solution.